Mary & George

It was the birthday of one of Mary’s best friends and they were celebrating at the Shire. She brought along a few classmates from her Interpersonal Communications class, introducing them all, including George, a Biology major. Mary didn’t pay much attention to any of them, but George began to hang around their group of friends and the two got to know each other.

Several months later, they started dating. After Mary completed grad school, and George finished dental school, they finally married. It was only 11 years later!

“On our 10th wedding anniversary, George sent our friend roses for introducing us! We are all still close friends and get together monthly for dinner out, with our second family, ‘the gang!'” said Mary.


Janet & Jayson

Janet and Jayson initially didn’t want to be anything more than friends.

Cindy & Craig

Returning from an unfulfilling year at Ohio University, Cindy enrolled at CSU.