Eden & Matt LaDonde

We met in the CSU Math Learning Center.

I was a staff tutor at the time, working on my master’s in accounting, while Matt was a graduate assistant in the Math department, finishing up his master’s in statistics.

He was the best statistics tutor in the center, so whenever I couldn’t help a student, I’d send them to him. We weren’t even dating at the time!

We both enjoy math, realized we enjoyed each other’s company, started dating the summer of 2013 and were married in the fall of 2015.

Not only are we proud graduates of CSU, it is where we first met. The most important part of a love story!

– Eden

Vicki & Jack

Jack and Vicki met while studying at Mather Mansion.

Amanda & Aric

Aric was on the wrestling team and Amanda on the volleyball team at CSU.