Kelly & Marcus Effner

Marcus and Kelly met while attending Cleveland State University.

Both were involved with athletics, Marcus a wrestler and Kelly running cross country. They would see each other at various student athlete events, run into each other randomly around campus, and they were both involved in the student athlete advisory committee.

They had several instances during college where sparks of attraction flew, but it was never the right timing.

After they both graduated, they were asked to come back to speak to current student athletes on an advisory panel. The timing was finally right and they’ve been together ever since.

In 2016 they were married and had their wedding and reception on Cleveland state University’s campus. It was the only wedding venue they looked at and they knew instantly that this was the perfect place to start the next chapter of their lives.

They will always be Vikings and are now proud to be #VowedVikings!

Alice & Dezso

Alice would hide at the bottom of the Fenn Tower staircase, hoping to bump into him.

Edward & Linda

Ed and Linda hung out in Stilwell Hall cafeteria, sharing PB & J sandwiches.

Victoria & Ali

They met just in the nick of time, right as Victoria was to graduate.