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Janet & Jayson Cromly

Jayson and I met back in 1989, when I was a senior and he was a freshman at CSU. We worked together at the pool and lived in Viking Hall. I didn’t really have any interest in him other than a friend because we both had other love interests throughout the year.

I graduated and went on to work, while he finished college. We never saw each other again until I decided, after 5 years, to return to CSU and pursue my occupational therapy certification.

I was surprised to see Jayson there, still taking classes and helping Wally Morton coach the men’s swim team.

Since he was the only familiar face from my days at CSU, we started talking and this time around, started dating!

We got married 2 years later and have been married with 3 children for 23 years.

Becky & Chris

The first day they hung out, Becky looked at Chris and thought: “I’m going to marry him.”