Diane & Ed

We met because I can’t stand litter.

One day in November of 1967, as I walked down the stairs in Stilwell Hall, I noticed a yellow flyer on the floor with a dirty footprint on it. Annoyed that someone stepped on it and kept going, I picked it up , intending to throw it away. But curiosity told me to see what it was.

The flyer was a notice that a political group on campus was changing its name from the Young Americans for Freedom to the CSU Conservative Union. Now, I thought I was the only Conservative on campus, so I was excited to know that I wasn’t alone.

The group was having an organizational meeting in Stilwell 200 on November 14, 1967. I went, and there was this tall, very serious young man who explained that one of the group’s goals was to work for newly elected California Gov. Ronald Reagan for President. I had been chairman of the Reagan campaign in my high school, so I said, “I’m in.”

What followed were three years of friendship and camaraderie as we worked to build the Conservative Union on the CSU campus and campsign across the state for Reagan. By the middle of our senior year, we realized we both wanted to spend our lives together, building a life and campaigning for our shared ideals.

We were married a year after graduation, and have spent 49 years now building a home, family, and careers, and dedicating most of our “spare” time to helping good people get elected. We also have both held elected office from time to time.

The November after our wedding, in 1971, Ralph Perk was elected Mayor of Cleveland, and our State Rep, and good friend, George Voinovich, was appointed to replace him as County Auditor. George and Euclid Mayor Harry Knuth worked to get Ed appointed as State Rep, to fill George’s term.

So at the age of 23 and a newlywed and law student, Ed served as State Rep. from Euclid. Because we were Republicans in a Democratic district, it was a brief but very enjoyable tenure.

Ed went on to be a founding partner in Mazanec, Raskin and Ryder, LPA, and served as Geauga County GOP chairman for several years. I taught in the Mentor School District until our two daughters were born. I started a second career as a journalist in 1981, and am still working. At the age of 7O, I published my first book, and have published two more since, with another in process.

We have two grown daughters and five grandchildren. We are very blessed, and grateful to that careless litterer in Stilwell Hall back in 1967.

Janet & Jayson

Janet and Jayson initially didn’t want to be anything more than friends.

Cindy & Craig

Returning from an unfulfilling year at Ohio University, Cindy enrolled at CSU.

Kelly & Marcus

Love didn’t blossom until a chance encounter after they graduated.