Cindy & Craig Miller

Cindy spent a lonely fall quarter at Ohio University in Athens in the fall of 1985, and moved back to Parma to attend Cleveland State University in January of 1986.

Cindy’s mother, a full-time sales analyst at American Greetings, ensured that her daughter would enroll in classes by enrolling in night classes herself and commuting to night classes together from Parma.

A sister of a mutual friend, both CSU classmates, introduced us in the University Center “Cage” across from the candy counter the week before we both headed (albeit separately) to Florida for spring break in March that year.

We exchanged pleasantries and mused whether we’d see each other during break. We didn’t, but soon became a couple shortly after returning to classes that spring quarter.

We married in Parma in 1994, had 3 children in 5 years, and 1 more child 5 years later. We still live in the area. Craig was, in fact, an adjunct faculty instructor in the then Nance College of Business at CSU from 1996-2004.

Cindy is a registered nurse, and Craig is a certified public accountant and president of his Westlake consulting company.

– Craig

Randy & Mary Lou

Their romance began when Mary Lou joined Randy’s intramural volleyball team.

Heather & Bryan

The two bonded over Rascal House pizza after advising freshmen.