Rick Urban & Christine Eglinski

It was the first day of the new quarter in 1986.

I had arrived early, so I sat in my car waiting until i had to go to class. I watched as the garage started to fill up. All of a sudden a car backs in to the spot next to me. Very close to me, four inches from my driver’s door to be exact. The girl got out, walked to the front of her car, saw me sitting in my car, looked at how close she was, shrugged and walked away. I had to crawl out through my passenger door to get out.

I went to my first class and sat down. Next thing I know, the same girl from the garage sat next to me. She asked if i got out of my car okay. I told her “No.” We talked every day after that. I eventually asked if i could carry her books to class. She said “No.” My persistence won her over and we went out on a date. After dating for several more years, We got married in 1991 and are still happily married with two children, one of whom attends CSU today.

– Rick

Alice & Dezso

Alice would hide at the bottom of the Fenn Tower staircase, hoping to bump into him.

Edward & Linda

Ed and Linda hung out in Stilwell Hall cafeteria, sharing PB & J sandwiches.

Victoria & Ali

They met just in the nick of time, right as Victoria was to graduate.